Interested in Joining?

The Guild of St. Cuthbert is a group of reenactors portraying the peasant (lower) and middle classes of Elizabethan and Victorian England.

Our three primary events are the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire, the Northern California Renaissance Faire and the San Francisco Dickens Christmas Fair. (Guild members are not expected to participate in all of these events.)

The Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire is currently being held each spring at the Santa Fe Dam Regional Park in Irwindale, California. It is six or seven weekends long preceded by a four weekend period of workshops and construction. Event information can be found at .

The Northern California Renaissance Faire is held in the fall at Casa de Fruta near Hollister and Gilroy, California. It is six weekends preceded by four weekends of workshops and construction. Information about this event can be found at .

The San Francisco Dickens Christmas Fair is held at the Cow Palace south of San Francisco. You can find information about this event at .

For more information about the guild, please contact Sue Honor or Carl Heinz.

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  1. That is amesowe!! I am totally jealous of your costume. Ya’ll are too cute. I would love to get all dressed up and get into it! So much fun 🙂

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